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About Us

PSI MARKETING PVT. LTD. was established in 1996 with an enterprising aim to provide quality products and services in the field of Healthcare. 22 years of expertise in marketing and production of surgical goods and consumables pan-India has made us understand the ever changing dynamics and needs of healthcare!

We ventured into the medical field aggressively at a time when health was not the first thing on an individuals mind. Today, with the advent of latest technology and equipment, readily available information on internet and rising disposable income, health has become the first priority in every family. With the changing paradigm over time, we too equipped ourselves with necessary resources to provide the world with quality healthcare.

We were instrumental in introducing world-class Surgical Instruments to all major hospitals in Central India. Our vigorous marketing efforts and deep penetration even in the hinterlands has made us common-name in Private hospitals and Government institutions. Our complete range of Surgical Products caters to the diversified requirements of medical community.

What differentiates us from others? We understand that with competition, comes the pressing demand for quality and additional responsibility. We have the ISO 9001:2008 certification, Drug License in place, assuring of our best services and practices always. Our fellow partners and manufacturing associates are also equipped with necessary world-class certifications. Shouldering the additional responsibilities towards the business community, we are the active members of CISDA (Central India Surgical Dealers Association) which is a responsible organization championing the cause of dealers and traders for trade related issues and promoting ethical business practices.

Catering to the needs of medical facilities can be done by anyone. But we believe in creating synergies with our partners : be it hospitals, institutions, dealers, retailers or manufacturers. We consider ourselves a part of that conducive ecosystem where everyone learns and gains.

We are thus  Your Partners in Productive Healthcare.