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Sealing of CSSD packing rolls (Sterilisation reels) require 8-10 mm width of sealing by medical standards. Although generally, the cheaper alternatives of foot/ hand sealers are used, they give only 5-8 mm sealing width which is insufficient and at risk of opening. We strongly suggest the use of continuos band sealers which require minimal manual intervention once set.

Continuous belt sealer is used for sealing of packing material (CSSD Packing rolls, Pouches) with great speed and output. These are ideal for sealing virtually any size and length. The built in adjustable speed conveyor belt carries the loaded pouch through the sealer. The bags lay flat on the conveyor with the horizontal models. 
These sealers consist of a frame, on/off switch, speed regulator, cooling fan, electronic temperature controller, drive & adjustable conveyor and sealing.
The PTFE Non Stick sealing bands, drive belts and conveyor belt are controlled by one motor. When the on/off switch is turned on, the temperature controller begins heating the sealing blocks.
The temperature setting and the speed setting will depend on the type and thickness of material being sealed.
The bag will pass through the sealing blocks, cooling blocks and embossing wheel before being dropped out the end sealed.
1. Turn on the power & fan and set the temperature on the temperature controller.
2. When the preset temperature has been reached, place the bag at the positioning plate bag guide.
3. The sealing bands carry the bag through the unit to seal the bag.
4. Sealed bag is released at end of sealer. No pushing or pulling is required.

1. Sealing width of 8-10 mm suitable for medical packing
2. Can be used for any size/ length of Sterilsiation reels
3. Can be used for Medical grade paper as well as TYVEK pouches/ reels
4. Automatic belt driving reduces manual intervention
5. Speed of conveyor can be adjusted according to requirements and load
6. Can be used for continuous operation thereby reducing fatigue on operator
7. Easy temperature settings and control (increased automation)
8. Date/ Batch embossing possible with the press wheel (Optional accessories made available with the machine)
9. Easy to operate and maintain