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ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas Indicator Tape
Category Code : subCtg3365
Price : Rs. 400/-

PSI offers ETO Indicator Tape (50 mts reel), for Process completion indication of the ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilisation Cycle.

These are Class 1 Indicators also called Process Indicators used in CSSD for separating the "Processed Packs" from the "Unprocessed packs". It does not necessarily mean that the pack is "Sterilized". They only help in documentation and cannot be used as a tool for verification whether the ETO sterilisation cycle was successful.

Features of ETO Indicator Tape
1. 50 mts reel with 18 mm width (approx)
2. Good adhesive for sticking to the Packs/ ETO Packing Reels/ Pouches
3. Helps in Sealing/ Securing the pack on the outside (Pasted on Packing material - SMS Wrap sheets/ Sterilisation Packing Reels)
4. Easy identification with color change to "Green" after processing in an ETO Machine
5. Helps in documentation purpose for CSSD


10 ETO Indicator Rolls in 1 Pack