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Automatic Label Gun - for 3 Line Labels
Category Code : subCtg3369
Price : Rs. 17500/-

PSI Offers Automatic Label Gun for 3 Line Labels - Steam/ ETO which is extensively used in Hospitals/ Pharma Industries for Batch Tracking

Features of Automatic 3 Line Label Gun - 
1. Automatic 3 Line Labels with Batch/ Machine/ Hospital Name/ User, Date of Sterilisation, Expiry date
2. Can be used for Tray packs, Dressing Drums, ETO Pouches and any other CSSD Packing method
3. Used for Steam Autoclave as well as ETO Sterilizer
4. Helps maintain CSSD Documentation with tracking of the Pack even after use
5. Assists in the most imperative NABH Recall Policy records
6. Hospital Patient Records become complete with the Labelling
7. Saves CSSD Technician's time, effort making CSSD documentation more productive
Reduces chances of human error as printed record is tamper-proof
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