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Biological Indicator (BI) - ETO or EO
Category Code : subCtg3376
Price : Rs. 185/-

PSI offers ETO Self Contained Biological Indicators (BI) - which assist in monitoring ETO Machines for proper ETO Sterilization in CSSD.
These are Class 5 Indicators also called Integrating Indicators designed to react to all critical variables like ETO Gas, Temperature, Time which eventually lead to killing of the bacteria spores.
1. ETO Biological indicators contain bacterial spores (Bacillus atrophaeus ATCC 9372) on a small paper carrier packaged with a special plastic tube
2. Population of Bacillus Atrophaeus Spores is 1x10 <sup>6
3. Inside the Tube, a sealed-glass ampoule with a culture medium contains a color indicator which turns dramatically to yellow when spores grow
4. A Class 1 Process Indicator on the label of the ETO BI which changes color from Brown to Green
Steps for Use
1. Write the ETO Machine Number, Load number and processing date on the ETO BI label
2. For Usage, place the BI in the ETO machine (Preferably Centre of the Load) and run the full cycle for the ETO Machine (8 hours - 12 Hours as per Hospital Protocol)
3. On completion of aeration cycle remove the BI from Machine
4. The Class 1 Process Indicator on the BI Label will change color to Green which shows successful compeltion of the ETO Sterilization Process
5. Crush the Glass Ampoule which mixes the Paper Carrier with the Culture medium
6. Incubate the BI at 37°C in a Laboratory Incubator for 48 Hours
7. If the color changes from Blue to Yellow, it means that Sterilization Failure has occured and there is growth of Spores in the BI
8. This would entail checking the machine and getting it repaired for proper parameters
9. If there is no color change, the ETO Sterilization is a pass and the ETO Machine is ok for use
Features of ETO Self Contained Biological Indicator (BI)
1. Process Indicator conform to ISO 11138 for BI's
2. A Specially formulated Synthetic Medium allows to get result in short times
3. Best and most stringent Indicator to show the performance of an ETO Machine i.e. Killing of Bacteria spores
4. With a BI test pass, you can be assured of your ETO Machine to be working perfectly
5. Each BI offered by PSI comes with a Lot/ Bacth Number, Expiry date
6. Helps in NABH/QCI Documentation for CSSD
50 ETO Biological Indicators in 1 box

Ensure perfect running of your Autoclave Machine, call us today for Biological Indicators!