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Category Code : subCtg3379
Price : Rs. 29500/-

PSI offers ULV Fogging Machine for aerial disinfection in Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharma Industries, Clean rooms.

These foggers generate Ultra Low Volume (ULV) uniform sub-micron size liquid particles which help in excellent fogging with non-wetting effect.

Salient Features:

1. ISO, CE, ROHS Certified with FDA & USP Class VI Compliant Tubings, UL & CE Approved Motor
2. Adjustable Flow Rate of 1-3 Litres per hour with uniform size liquid particles
3. Digital Timer 1-99 minutes with inbuilt hour counter for hassle free operation
4. Fog Thrust of 50 Feet or more which covers area > 15,000 Cubic Feet
5. Entire body and internal parts made of corrossion-resistant material. Nozzle system made of SS 316 Grade
6. Maintenance free, sturdy and portable 

Available Configurations:

1. SS 316L Grade Storage Tank of upto 6.5 Litres
2. HDPE Grade Storage Tank of upto 8.0 Litres
3. 360 Degrees Rotating Table for Uniform rotation in the room (Additional Accessory)
4. All Foggers compatible with AGNO3 + H2O2 solutions

We recommend use of  BIOSHEILDS  Solutions - Silvicide/ Acitar/ Novacide for Fogging Requirements in Hospitals/ Pharma Industries

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