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Biohazard Hospital Spill Kits
Category Code : subCtg3403
Price : Rs. 3500/-

Biohazard Spills are common in a Healthcare/ Pharma Setup. Biohazard spill range from regular Blood, Mercury to Body Fluids or other chemicals. These spills are infectious and can get easily transmitted to Patients/ Staff who may have compromised immunity.

It is thus necessary to contain the spills by handling these carefully with correct protocol and disposables.

PSI introduces different spill kits in compliance with the NABH and other important guidelines. Our kits are designed for being Reusable (For items such as "Wet Floor" Standees) as well as Disposable with Refills available (For items such as Personal Protection Kits, disinfectants, Waste collection bags etc). Our Kits are properly labelled with Instructions for ease of use.

Below Biohazard Kits are provided against standard or customized requirements:

1. Blood Spill Kit
2. Mercury Spill Kit
3. Vomit/ Urine Spill Kits
4. Chemical Spill Kits

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