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Wire Mesh Sterilization Trays in SS 304 Grade
Category Code : subCtg3404

PSI offers wide range of Surgical Wire Mesh Tray in SS 304 Grade for Sterilization.

Wire Mesh Trays as an alternative to Regular Instrument trays provide the most effective Sterilization in an Autoclave:

1. Excellent Air Removal from the Wire Mesh (Effective Pre-Vacuum cycles) as against in the Instrument Trays which have air trapped inside
2. Steam Penetration is extremely efficient due to the open mesh design, as compared to regular Instrument trays which do not have any holes/ perforations
3. This can be used for all types of loads such as Solid/ Hollow/ Porous (Linen)
4. This has double bar protection at the top and the bottom of the mesh which ensures durability and efficiency in sterilization process
5. The Same Wire Mesh trays can be used for Rinsing & Cleaning of instruments, Sterilization cycles, transportation as well as storage
Salient Features of PSI Wire Mesh Sterilization Tray:

1. High Grade SS 304 with Electro-Polishing
2. Strong & Durable without distortion in mesh
3. Drop Down Handles for easy handling
4. Protected design without sharp edges/ burrs
5. Excellent Temperature, wear resistance
6. Easy to clean Disinfect and dry in the CSSD
7. Inert to Acids/ Alkali/ Other Chemicals
PSI Wire Mesh Sterilization Trays are available in below sizes:
(Sizes in inches)

10" x 10" x 03"
12" x 12" x 03"
16" x 10" x 03"
19" x 15" x 04"
19" x 19" x 04"
22" x 10" x 04"

Other Custom Sizes can be provided as per requirement.


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