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Perforated Instrument Trays with Cover
Category Code : subCtg3410

PSI offers Special Perforated SS Surgical Instrument Trays. The holes in the trays ensure effective air removal from trays and effective steam penetration inside. The result is excellent Sterilization.

Perforated Trays are now a preferred choice over the regular instrument trays. Uniform perforations are made at the bottom as well as the sides of tray. Even if the lid is closed, the holes will ensure effective steam penetration.
These are available in below sizes:
(Sizes in inches)

08" x 06"
09" x 06"
10" x 08"
11" x 07"
12" x 08"
12" x 10"
14" x 10"
15" x 12"
18" x 12" 

Other Custom Sizes can be provided as per requirement

Below variations can be provided for the trays:

SS 304 Grade / SS 202 Grade
Deep / Shallow Trays
Economy / Deluxe Heavy Gauge

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